Sequence of events for the 26th May 1940

  1. 08:00 - 17 Brigade HQ temporary sets up in this location until late on the 26th May

  2. 09:00 - 2nd Battalion RSF temporary harbour during the Brigade O group.

  3. 10:30 - All companies move off towards their new positions and Battalion HQ deploys into the Vergote.

  4. 11:00 - 2nd Inniskilling Fusiliers from the 13th Brigade occupy positions along the canal.

  5. 12:00 - 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers, B Echelon transport and ammunition depot set up.

  6. 12:00 - Advanced Dressing Station run by the Royal Army Medical Corps and serviced by 141 Field Ambulance is set up in the convent.

  7. 12:00 - Battalion HQ is spread between the “White House” and the Farm Vergote. Casualty Collecting Point established in the barn of the Vergotte farm.

  8. 12:15 - Coy’s regroup after crossing canal. It is realised that 17 platoon D Coy is missing. 2i/c D Coy sent to locate them.

  9. 12:30 - A Coy move into position. Covering from the red house cafe to Hill 60. Coy HQ is situated in the crater.

  10. 12:30 - B Coy move into position. Covering from Hill 60 to the Vierlingen road. Coy HQ is situated in the wood 75m to their rear. Their positions are set back into the woods, behind the railway line and anti-tank ditch. (this was dug by the Spanish labour corps in late 1939)

  11. 13:00 - C Coy move into position. Covering from the Vierlingen road to the rail bridge. Coy HQ is situated in the wood 100m to their rear.

  12. 13:00 - D Coy move into position and are joined by the fighting patrol and the carriers of 4 platoon.

  13. 13:00 - 6th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders occupy this line by. 3 Coy’s up with advanced positions along the railway line

  14. 13:00 - Headquarters Coy. &  the battalion A echelon transport line occupied.

  15. 13:00 - 91 Fd Regt. Royal Artillery deploy 3 guns in the fields close to the avenue.

  16. 13:30 - 17 Bde Anti Tank guns occupy positions to cover the Brigades left flank and the two railway crossings.

  17. 13:30 - Inniskillings Bren gun position on top of ww1 bunker. Has a view along the slope across the railway. Commanded by Lt. Magaw

  18. 14:00 - 2 Coy’s of the 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire’s temporarily occupy this line on the left of the Seaforths, to close the gap between 143 Bde.

  19. 14:00 - Regimental Aid Post set up by Lt. H.M Clarke of the RAMC and the Bn Stretcher bearers in barn behind the north eastern farmhouse. The other farmhouses are taken over my 3 platoons of the 1/9 Manchester's machine guns. Whilst balancing their weapons, the Manchesters accidentally fire through the roof of the building (14) being used to cook the forward troops evening meal.

  20. 14:00  - All bridges across the canal are blown. Trapping all non tracked transport.

  21. 14:00 - A Coy suffers from mortar and artillery fire during the afternoon and evening

  22. 16:00 - German MG, PAK anti-tank, mortar and rifle fire engages the battalion front.

  23. 16:00 – It is reported that a Belgian horse drawn artillery battery arrives.

  24. 19:30 - Sniper fire is reported from in front and the rear.

  25. 21:00 - Attached MG’s from A Coy 1/9th Manchester’s set up in the 3 farm houses. Whilst balancing their Vickers MG’s, shots accidentally hit the building housing the cookhouse next to the transport line.

  26. 22:00 - Fighting patrol under the command of Lt. Cholmondeley is sent out and observes artillery at Hill 62. During the return phase they capture an unknown German NCO and during this action, Gunner Hans Lautenschlager of the 7th Artillery Regiment/ 51st Division is killed. The information generated by this patrol allows the 5th Division artillery to deploy accurate counter battery fire.

  27. 22:00 - 6th Seaforth’s report that they have been pushed back from the railway line.